Thursday, January 3, 2013

a post on moving...

Emily: While walking the other day, I saw a moving van. Ugh, I thought. How awful to move this close to a holiday.

Wait a minute. The majority of our moves have taken place near a holiday.

My family moved from Niles to Cicero (neither are the towns in Illinois) the week before Thanksgiving.

Bill and I moved from Savannah to Ocean Grove the weekend before Christmas.

We moved from Toms River to Grand Rapids right before the 4th of July.

And I'm pretty sure he moved over Labor Day weekend before we met.

We've moved in the rain, sun, heat, and sleet. Oddly enough, we have never  moved in the spring.

Bill: It is never a good time to move. I hate moving. Unless I am taking possessions to vacation home in the woods, I don't ever want to move again. Decorating and undecorating for Christmas is enough like moving that I get my yearly fix.

Oh, by the way, don't worry. We're not moving.

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